Is Vancouver really as amazing as they say?

Every time I told people who had been to Canada before about my upcoming trip, I got the response that Vancouver was just an amazing city with such friendly people and a really lovely atmosphere. So in the time leading up to our departure my expectations of this city had been rising every day. It... Continue Reading →


Exploring the West of Canada in 17 days

And just how long as it took for the journey to start, that's how short it took for it to be over. My two weeks in West-Canada have flown by so fast I hardly had time to blink or breathe. But that's good news for you guys because now I'm back with a whole lot... Continue Reading →

Sunny day out in and around Brussels

I know, I know, it’s once again been quite a while since you’ve heard from me but no worries, I’m still here. The past couple of months I haven’t been going places but the prospects have been there constantly. In little over two weeks I’m –finally- leaving for my main trip of this year; a... Continue Reading →

Nature at its best in the Todgha Gorge

After the Dades Valley and the Roses Valley, the next stop of our Moroccan adventure was the Todgha Gorge. This series of canyons is a bit more touristy and better known than the previous places and we did notice that on certain occasions. Luckily it’s not yet swarming with tourists so it doesn’t take anything away... Continue Reading →

Unplanned drive through the Vallée des Roses

Not knowing what was ahead of us in the Dades Valley and the Todgha Gorge, we drove passed the Vallée des Roses (Roses Valley) the day before without giving it a second thought. There also wasn’t very much information available on this valley in any travel guides, so it hadn’t really caught our attention. But after Ali’s... Continue Reading →

Discover the beauty of the Dades Valley

It was early afternoon by the time we left the city of Ouarzazate behind us and continued our roadtrip to our next destination: the Dades Valley. We expected magnificent views of spectacular canyons, a beautiful scenic road through the valley and an amazing landscape in which we could stretch our legs and do some smaller hikes. Check,... Continue Reading →

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