Along Mount Robson to Jasper National Park

And we’re already on the tenth day of our trip through the west of Canada. On that day we would fi-na-lly make it to the Rocky Mountains. But before that, we had another drive of about three and a half hours ahead of us. Fortunately along the way we passed the Mount Robson Provincial Park, so... Continue Reading →


Hiking and salmon spotting at Wells Gray Provincial Park

After a long and tiring drive from the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, we finally made it to Clearwater; the gateway to the Wells Gray Provincial Park. The evening of our arrival we just went to have some dinner and relaxed a bit in our motel room. We'd leave the exploration of the park for the next day.... Continue Reading →

From dusk till dawn in Victoria

After a spectacular evening on the ocean watching the humpback whales, our next day on Vancouver Island was all about discovering what Victoria itself and its vicinity had to offer. The few glimpses we had had the day before were certainly promising! We started our day with a long time queuing for breakfast in front... Continue Reading →

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