First impressions of The Big Apple

And I’m back with part two of my adventures in New York. This time, I’ll talk about my first impressions of this big city and my first evening in the Big Apple.

Considering it was the first time I went to America, I was very excited about visiting this metropolis. When we arrived on Wednesday evening, it was really cloudy because of the snow storm from the previous days. Fortunately it had stopped snowing, so we were able to see some sights already.

After checking in in our hotel, we changed our plans a bit, and headed for Central Park, because we thought it would be beautiful thanks to the recent snowfall. And indeed, it was truly magnificent. We walked to the Wollman rink and then all the way to the Bethesda terrace and fountain.


At first, the snowfall scared me because I thought we would have bad weather our entire trip, but now, I’m very happy that I got to see New York covered in snow. It’s so magical and beautiful. On top of that, we had amazing weather almost every day – sunny and a clear sky – so we didn’t encounter any downsides to the snow. We have had a lot of luck.

After exploring a bit of Central Park, we headed to Rockerfeller Center. We had planned to do the Top of the Rock that evening as well, but because it was very misty and cloudy, we decided to postpone visiting that attraction to a day with better weather.

Then we walked over Fifth Avenue and 47 street towards Times Square. This was one of the places I was looking forward to seeing the most. The giant billboards and light panels are even more impressive in real life. Because of the snow storm, the week we were in New York was one of the calmest they’ve had in years, so there were hardly any tourists wherever we went. So instead of having to face an enormous crowd on the famous Times Square, it was a joy to wander around for a while.


Because we were getting tired after the long flight and our first explorations, we went back to our hotel quite early. On our way back, we were still in awe of the giant skyscrapers that were surrounding us. What struck us even more was the diversity of the buildings. In between the modern flats, there were also old skyscrapers and even churches. While it isn’t the plendor of certain European Cities (Like Prague – which I visited in the summer of 2013), it still managed to leave me breathless.

Bearing in mind that the weather was supposed to get better the day after our first evening, we decided to get up early on Thursday morning instead of staying out longer in the cloudy New York night.

Regardless of the fact that it was the day we had the least good weather, my first day in New York was most definitely a success, and as I crawled under the covers that evening, I was even more excited for the days to come.

Until next time – with another part about my trip to New York,

With love, Ellen


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