NY: Central Park – Sighseeing Cruise – Highline – Soho & Westvillage

The third day of our adventures in New York, we first headed to Central Park. With the sun once again out, the park looked even more magical than the first evening we went there. We got of the metro at 77 St and first headed toward the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ statue. I – like the little kid I am – of course had to climb it.


After my playtime, we walked towards the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace – although we had to ask for directions twice to find it. Orientating yourself in Central Park sure isn’t a walk in the park ;)! Even the New Yorkers had trouble showing us the right way. On top of that, we had forgotten our map with our walking tours for that day, so we only had our orientation to guide ourselves. From there, we continued towards Strawberry Fields, to see the mosaic memorial for John Lennon.



Lincoln Center was our next destination, but that disappointed me a bit. I have read in certain travel guides that it’s more impressive in the evening, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t really impressed.

Then, we headed towards Pier 83 where the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises leave. It was a long walk over there and there isn’t anything to see on the way. I wish we had taken the metro, because my feet were already starting to hurt from all the walking the previous days. We just did waaaay too much the first days because we were so excited about being in New York. So to say that I was happy about a two hour cruise would be the understatement of the century. We only did the Semi Circle Cruise although we preferred the full circle around Manhattan. Unfortunately, due to the ice around the island, the boat couldn’t go all the way around Manhattan. So instead, we did the slightly shorter cruise that went from the pier to Roosevelt Island on the other side of Manhattan. A cruise is really something I recommend, because you get a beautiful view on the skyline of Manhattan and you had extra information about all the buildings and places along the way. The guide we had, was really enthusiastic and a good narrator.


When we boarded back on the shore of Manhattan, we walked to the Highline. The route there was once again uninteresting, but there aren’t any metros in the neighborhood so that didn’t leave us with many other options. I had heard many good things about the Highline – which is an old railway route between the skyscrapers of New York – but to be honest, it kind of disappointed me. It was fun to walk a bit higher than usual but it wasn’t in the most beautiful part of New York, so I had expected more of it. Once again, I’ve heard that it’s more impressive at twilight, but we couldn’t really plan it in then. On top of that, I guess it’s also a lot more beautiful in Spring or Summer.


Without a map, it was kinda hard to orientate ourselves through Soho and Westvillage. We chose random streets that looked pretty to keep moving. This way, by accident, we also passed the apartment where they’ve found Philip Seymoure Hoffman. The doorstep was littered with flowers and drawings by fans, and I instantly fell silent. He truly was a great actor and it’s sad that he has passed so soon.

We continued walking towards Washington Square Park – which we luckily found. Soho and Westvillage are filled with lovely shops and  houses, but other than that, there aren’t really any highlights. Nonetheless, if you have the time, it’s still worth it to walk through it for a while.


For dinner, we went to a diner in Ludlow street called Katz’s. They serve Pastrami with Rye which was really delicious. On top of that, Katz’s is the place where they shot the famous orgasm scene of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, which makes it even more cool.



Belly full and happy with the amazing – but tiring day – we had, we went back to our hotel for the night. My feet, knees and every muscle in my legs hurt, but it was all worth it.

Until next time – with part 4,

With love, Ellen


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