Lanzarote with the Belgian Olympic Athletes

Last Monday, I got a phone call from my employer AG Insurance that offered me a chance of a lifetime. With a contest, I had won a trip to Lanzarote to join the Belgian Olympic Athletes on their training the next weekend. I – of course – didn’t hesitate twice to accept the offer.

Apart from spending time around the athletes, we also spent a day doing touristy stuff on the island. Of this, I’d like to share my experiences with you, in case any of you are thinking of a trip to Lanzarote.

For those who are having a bit of geography troubles, Lanzarote is an island of the Canary Islands, which are a part of Spain. So language; Spanish and fortunately for me; currency; euro.

Lanzarote is a vulcanic island, so of course if you’re there, you have to visit the National Park of Timanfaya which is all about Lanzarote’s vulcanoes. They have a really nice Visitor’s Center where you can learn all about Lanzarote and the vulcanic eruptions. There is even a simulation of an eruption. Definitely worth it.

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Apart from that, you can also go outside and walk through the remains of lava. It’s really unique and so worth your time. Of course, at some degree, the vulcanic scenary easily becomes monotoneous, but still, it’s really beautiful and special.

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After the visitors’ center, we were shown how hot vulcanic ashes can be. First we were given some 60 degrees celcius “lava” which we had to hold as long as possible. Then, we went deeper and were shown that hay can catch fire just from touching those lava remains. And lastly, they poured water into a hole deep in the ground, and immediately the effect was clear. Really impressive.

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A sanitary stop later, we took the bus tour along the vulcanoes. Really breathtaking. Even though it sometimes seems monotoneous, there were still so many differences in the landscape.

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Our last stop in the morning was somewhere along the coastline of Lanzarote. There was a shitload of wind – as you can see on the pictures below – but that was definitely my favorite spot on the island. So beautiful.

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???????? ????????

???????? ????????


For lunch, we stopped along the road in a lovely tapas restaurant. It had many great dishes and it reminded me how much I love tapas. I’m such a difficult eater and this type of food will always give me the opportunity to try new things instead of sticking to the known. And well, you simply can’t go to Spain without having tapas.

In the afternoon, a visit to the House of César Manrique was scheduled. Manrique was a Spanish artist and architect, who was way ahead of his time. While people on Lanzarote were sticking to small windows, he started using large ones and really modern open spaces. The different rooms in his house are really unique and it’s definitely worth a visit. I’d never seen anything like it before.

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???????? ????????

???????? ????????

Unfortunately, that’s all I was able to do in Lanzarote, but I feel like there wasn’t anything else that I really had to see. It’s still an island that mostly hotel tourism with luxury resorts. Nonetheless, I’m really grateful I got to see it.

As for the hotel we’ve stayed in; Club La Santa. That’s a true sporters’ wet dream. Two olympic swimming pools, an athletics track, a full-equiped gym, a basketball court, a small lake, eight tennis courts, three paddle tennis courts etc etc. For that part; the hotel is truly perfect. But our room was located in the older part of the hotel (that hasn’t been renovated yet), and that was a bit outdated. Plus there were bugs, which is a big fat no for me. The other (read: newer) part of the hotel looked a lot better, but accomodation wise this hotel was a bit of a downer for me. But sport facilities; A+

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???????? ????????

???????? ????????

And now I’ll just start packing my bags again, because this weekend I have to trip to Madrid scheduled. Busy bee, yup!

Until next time,

With love, Ellen


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