A trip to Spain’s capital; Madrid

As you might have read in my last post about my trip to Lanzarote, I had another holiday planned this month; to Madrid; the capital of Spain. Madrid was one of the few capitals in Western Europe I hadn’t visited yet, so it seemed like a perfect destination for an unofficial birthday bash.


This time, I’d had a lot more time to visit things, so once again, I’m going to split this up into several posts. In this one, I’m going to explain all the general stuff, like the hotel, transportation and other useful tips.


I once again flew Ryanair because it was cheapest (no shock, right?) Up until now I don’t have any complaints about this airline company, so for now I’ll keep flying Ryanair whenever possible.

Even checking in an extra bag isn’t even that expensive. My friends who were travelling with me each checked in an extra bag of max. 15 kg and it cost only 30 euros both way. That seems pretty reasonable to me. And on top of that, it didn’t even take over a minute to retrieve our bags, so yup, still a Ryanair fan.


Transportation from the airport

To get from the airport to our hotel, we booked a shuttle to take us. This shuttle,AeroCity, was mentioned on the website of and it was exactly what we were looking for.

For the reasonable price of 23 euros for three people (and 25 euros for the return trip), this shuttle picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at our hotel. We were lucky that there weren’t any other passengers, but it is possible that you have to share the van (unless you pay extra). But I definitely recommend this service to go to your hotel.


Our hotel

While booking our trip, it very soon became obvious that accomodation in Madrid was relatively cheap. Usually the hotel is one of the things I’d like to save money on by taking one of the cheapest, but this time I found out that my budget could cover a more fancy hotel. And considering this trip was more about relaxing that actually seeing stuff, we quickly decided on HRC Hotela three star hotel in Calle Angel.


The staff at HRC was very friendly and immediately offered us a map of the city with some explanation. I always love when they give you one without you having to ask for it. It’s one of the basic needs of a tourist, in my opinion.

As for the other services; in this hotel, breakfast isn’t included, but you can get breakfast at the hotel for 9 euros. Wifi is available in every room, and it worked perfectly.

For those interested; for twenty euros extra per night, you can get a room on the fifth floor, which has a balcony with a lovely view on the city. Considering we weren’t going to spend a lot of time in the hotel, we decided to take a regular room.

The only negative thing about this hotel, is that it’s located in a pretty noisy neighborhood. We didn’t really mind because we were tired enough but it might disturb some people. Otherwise, this hotel has the perfect location. It’s only about 750 meters from Plaza Mayor and the old center of the city. It’s also really close to a metro station, so for every other sight, it’s perfect as well.

For three nights, with three people, we only paid 223 euros. A bargain for such a lovely hotel, if you ask me.

Metro Card

In Madrid, everything is relatively close to each other, so we didn’t really need to use the metro a lot. But because at some times we wanted to have diner somewhere a bit further from our hotel, we opted to take a 10 trip card for 12,20 euros. That was just perfect for us.

And I guess that’s about it for all the general stuff. Sometime in the next few days, I’ll post what we did every single day of our four day trip.

Until next time,

With love, Ellen

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