CUBA: A day out in Las Terrazas

For our third day on the lovely Cuba, our travel organization had planned an active excursion to Las Terrazas. This was one of the three options we had during our stay in Havana. We opted for this one as the other two options were less interesting to us.

The eco-village Las Terrazas is situated about an  hour out of Havana. We had tickets for the Viazul bus to take us there. The bus station of Viazul is quite a bit out of the historical center of Havana, so we were obliged to take a taxi there. The drive takes about 20 minutes and you have to be at least half an hour in advance in the bus station to make sure you can keep your tickets. If you’re later, they are allowed to resell your tickets.

A little late – even though the bus left on time – we arrived at Rancho Curujey in Las Terrazas where we met our guide for the day; Janice. We were also joined by a lovely British couple. First we got a welcome drink with “vitamins” (aka rum) and then we got a little bit of info about the village of Las Terrazas.

Full of excitement to start our day, we were led to the taxi that would bring us to our first stop of the day: an old coffee plantation. Much to our amusement, the little thing obviously couldn’t take the six of us all the way up the hills so we had a walk the last bit. Luckily the view made it all worth it.

The next stop was Maria’s coffee shop in the Las Terrazas community. I seriously had the best iced coffee of my life there. Starbucks is nothing compared to it. It was just so delicious.

After the coffee we were told a bit more about the community of Las Terrazas and our guide also told us more about life in Cuba in general. She was a young educated girl who obviously felt restricted by being Cuban. Everybody just ends up working in tourism because it pays much more than doing their regular jobs. And this girl had a university degree. It’s quite shocking how little they earn.

We were also led to a paper maker called Manuel and were given some information of how he makes all different kinds of paper. Really interesting. There were also lots of beautiful things on sale but sadly we didn’t bring enough cash for those thing we liked the most.

And then it was time for the thing I had looked forward to most; 44. This is a little lake with watefalls where we could swim. It looked so tropical and the surroundings were so beautiful. A definite must when you’re in the area.

Totally refreshed it was time for lunch. For the second time in Cuba we got the local chicken with rice and beans dish. This time they’d added some pork and some crispish thing. It was all so delicious.

Since our new British friends wouldn’t be joining us for the second part of our day, we sadly had to say goodbye. But we were then joined by three other people who would tag along for the canopy tour. We would be zip lining through Las Terrazas. Hell yes!

Originally the excursion only included three zip lines but since the other people – who were at least in their fifties – did all six of them we, youngsters, of course didn’t want to look stupid so we asked to join as well. For only 15 CUC extra we had three extra lines which would go through the tree tops while the others were more over the village. I’m very happy we added them because they were both so special. It’s definitely worth the extra money. Such an exhilarating experience.

Sadly that was the end of our amazing day in Las Terrazas. We were through back to the Ranch where we waited for the Viazul bus to take us back to Havana. It really was an amazing day so I can only recommend everyone to visit this ecovillage.

Until next time,

With love, Ellen

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