Chai tea stop and seeing an old friend again in Los Gatos

One of the things I love most about travelling is definitely meeting new people or seeing people again that I haven’t seen in ages. Nothing makes me more excited than being able to combine my travelling with meeting friends.

And I was fortunate to be able to do so twice on my latest USA roadtrip. Both times were only about an hour stop, but it totally made the trip so much more fun.

The first time I met a friend was on the road from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We stopped in a lovely town called ‘Los Gatos‘ where I saw a friend with whom I studied in Karlsruhe during my Erasmus experience back in 2012.

Due to all the excitement of seeing that friend again, I didn’t take any pictures, so all the pictures of Los Gatos in this post aren’t mine and belong to the respective owners.

Los Gatos is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and with it still being part of Silicon Valley, it’s home to the headquarters of Netflix. But most of all it’s a lovely, quiet town with so much charm.

My friend and her dad took us for a tour around Downtown Los Gatos and told us all there is to know about the town’s history. It only lasted about an hour, but it was enough for me to completely fall in love with this place. I definitely wouldn’t mind living there. It’s got the towny feel, yet it’s close to everything you need; San Francisco City and the beach of Santa Cruz. I wish we had had more time to take it all in.

Halfway through our private guided tour, we stopped for my first – and consequently best – Chai Tea Latte ever at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company (101 W Main St). Instead of having it with regular milk, I had the almond milk instead (since my friend is a vegan and she recommended it that way) and I loved it! I guess I should turn to vegan options more often. I would go back to Los Gatos just to have another one of those lattes right away.

After an hour of wandering the streets and enjoying the lovely weather (and the latte!), it was time to say goodbye to my friend and hit the road again. And that’s the sad thing about meeting friends; having to say goodbye again. But still I’m so grateful we got to stop and even more grateful that I’ll be able to see her again later this year when I’m visiting Berlin. So all is well!


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