Three quick stops around Lake Powell

I think I have already made it clear over the past few posts about my US roadtrip that we had a very tight schedule. For the highlights, we of course made sure we had plenty of time, but for the less known places we often only got time for a few viewpoints.

That was also the case for Lake Powell. We arrived in Page around 5pm and with the sun due to set around 7pm that left us with very little time to discover this area. We managed to see a few points of interest, but I’m sure this place has a lot more to offer. Still, I’m glad I got to see a few impressions of this amazing place.


One of the most famous stops around Page and Lake Powell is definitely The Glen Canyon Dam. This dam was finished in 1966 as a part of the Colorade River Storage Project. Lake Powell is the reservoir of this dam, making it the second-largest artificial lake in America.

It’s quite impressive to stand over this damn and realise what is created by it. It isn’t all that special per se and I definitely wouldn’t drive a whole lot out of the way for it, but since we were this close it’s worth the little detour. I’m glad I got to see it.

Next we drove to a scenic viewpoint along Highway 89 which was my favorite view over Lake Powell. There you can already sense how big this area actually is. It really made me wish we had more time to discover this lake and the possible activities. 

Our last stop was the viewpoint of Lone Rock, which is already in the state of Utah, about 20 minutes out of Page. Our Toyota Rav4 brought us all the way to the camping spot and the little beach in front of the “Lone Rock”. You definitely need a high clearance car to make it to the beach and even more to get back on the road. It’s really sandy and with a normal car you might get stuck. 

On the Lone Rock Beach we spend the last of the day just enjoying the lovely weather. It was nice to just relax for a bit after the hectic days we had had already and the many miles we had already driven. 


 Sadly that was all we got to see of Lake Powell. I really wish we could have taken a boat tour on the lake to see more of it up  close, but in the end I’m already glad I at least got to see this little piece of it. 

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