The playground of Goblin Valley State Park

On our way from Arches National Park (more to come soon) to Capitol Reef National Park (also more to come soon), we made a little detour to a state park that looked pretty cool from the pictures; Goblin Valley State Park.

The name itself is sort of self-explanatory. It’s a park with sandstone erosions that look a lot like goblins. My first thought upon arrival at the parking lot overlooking the park; This would be an awesome place to play hide and seek. Sadly for me, my dad didn’t want to play along. Party pooper.


From the main parking lot, you have an awesome view over the park. You can see the dense parts of the park but there are also multiple areas where the “goblins” are more scattered.

There are multiple walking trails in this park, but – from what I could tell – most where around the actual formations. We were more interested in walking close to the many “goblins” so we decided to just wing it and weave ourselves a way through the funny hoodoos.

We followed footsteps from earlier explorers until at a point we had to start climbing over rocks and ended up stuck. With the thunderclouds threatening, we decided to head back to the more open spaces. Still it was one of the coolest things to just try and find our way climbing over and under rock formations.

It’s not the most beautiful or special park that we’ve visited on our trip, but it was definitely worth a detour. Especially since we had a lot of fun on our improvised hike.

Goblin Valley State Park can be found between Interstate 70 and Hanksville. Entrance is $10 per vehicle.


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