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Back to basic with Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

Yosemite National Park was the last big stop on our USA roadtrip and unfortunately for us we arrived there on a pretty busy weekend.

That easily explained our struggle previous to departure to find good accomodation for the night in the area. We either had to drive more than one hour and a half out of the park, or we had to pay more than all our other hotels together for just one night. Big fat no!

When I was nearing insanity because of this, I read about the Yosmite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort in one of our travel guides. And it ended up being the perfect solution for us.


Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort can be found about one hour out of Yosemite National Park Village and offers various types of rooms. There are private room, shared rooms and what caught my attention most; tent cabins.

Up until now I’ve never been camping and since Yosemite is well-known for this outdoors activity, it seemed like the opportunity to go a bit back to basic. Of course this doesn’t really compare to actually camping in a real tent. These cabins are almost like a room, but just with canvas instead of walls. We even had a plug to charge our cameras and phones. Not thát much back to basic… The only difference is that you have to go outside and quite far to go to the bathroom.

Since this resort is not near any city or the actual park, it also has its own restaurant where you can buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had dinner there on Saturday night and it was really delicious and reasonably priced. We did have some trouble with our visa there -while it worked perfectly at the reception of the hotel- so try to have cash at you just in case. There is an ATM available at the reception as well.

I do recommend checking in the tent cabins before it gets dark out. Otherwise you’ll never be able to make it safely to your cabin. I managed to fall down the stairs in broad daylight. Although some may argue that that is due to my clumsiness, I will forever blame the unstable stairs. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself too badly and was still able to limp my way through Yosemite National Park the next day.

For a tent cabin with two single beds, we paid 72,15 dollar on a Saturday night. It might be a lot for what you get, but in the area and at that time it was a pretty great deal. And mostly, it was a really great experience.


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