The majestic view of Dead Horse Point State Park

To be honest, I had never heard of this state park before I actually started preparing for our US roadtrip. And I’ll also gladly admit that I may have made fun of its name on numerous occassions. Well, it is on the list of ‘unusual place names’ after all…

But all joking aside, Dead Horse Point State Park is one you simply can’t miss when you’re in the area.


This park is mostly known for Dead Horse Point Overlook. From that spot, you have a breathtaking view over the Colorado river – as you can also see on the picture above. Though no picture can actually describe how beautiful this view was. It stretched on and on and on and on. Marvelling.


On the second picture you can actually see the Dead Horse Point. It’s the flat mesa where the Colorado river twists along. According to the legend, wild mustangs ran around the mesas in the nineteenth century and cowboys used that point as a natural corral. They captured the strong horses and left the others to escape. One time the remaining mustangs stayed put and ended up dying of dehydration. And so the name of the park was born.

Apart from this view, there are also many other views in this park. They are all connected by a 2,5 km long walking trail that starts at Visitor Center and goes all the way to Big Horn Overlook. Because we were really satisfied with the view we got and were fairly sure that it couldn’t get any better, we decided to leave the trail for what it was.

But if you’re in the area, don’t skip the Dead Horse Point Overlook view. It was one of the widest views we saw on our entire trip and when you’re doing Canyonlands National Park (more about that soon) anyway, it’s only a small detour on your way over there.

Dead Horse Point State park can be found close to Moab. It’s on the same road as Canyonlands National Park. The park is open from 6am until 10pm every day and the entrance price is $10 per vehicle.


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