Enter a magic forest with bluebells at Hallerbos

Every year when Spring is in town, the beautiful bluebells make their appearance at the Hallerbos in Halle, Belgium.

And just like that, an entire forest is turned into a magic purple blue kingdom. As far and wide as you can see, the flower is brightening the already lush green forest. It’s a feast to the eye!

Since I had a day off today, right in the middle of the bloom period, I just couldn’t stop myself from driving all the way to this forest to discover this magic place.


The Hallerbos is already quite a stunning forest all year round, but the second half of April, it’s easily the most beautiful forest in all of Belgium. The bloom of the bluebells gives it a stunning blue glow that will take your breath away.


This forest can be found thirty minutes away from Belgium’s capital, Brussels. It’s most easily reached by car, but there is also a bus stop at one of the main entrances so public transport is definitely an option as well. During the weekends of the bloom of the bluebell, the forest is even only reachable by bus. Many people want to visit the forest during that time and there simply isn’t enough parking space available. To avoid trafic jams around the forest, they simply redirect all trafic to Halle. Extra buses are then being deployed from Halle to the Hallerbos to make sure every tourist can make it to this magic place.

The Hallerbos offers two main hiking routes through the forest. The first – the Sequoia walk – is four kilometers long and goes through the south part of the forest. But the longer one – the Reebok (Buck) walk – is with its seven kilometers a better option. It goes through the most beautiful bluebell fields and offers places where you’re completely surrounded by the purple-blue flower. I was in awe.

For the less mobile people there are also a few roads that are wheelchair accessible, so everyone can enjoy the beauty.



During the seven kilometer walk, you also walk through places where the bluebell isn’t present, but even those places are really gorgeous. It’s quite a varied forest, so even outside of the bloom period, this forest is an amazing hiking destination.


The Hallebos is not the only place where you can spot the bluebells. In many other forests in Belgium the purple blue flower also makes an appearance, but it’s not as impressive as in the Hallebos. But if you’re unable to make it all the way to Brussels in the next week, go for a walk in one of the forest closer to you. There is a good chance you’ll be able to spot some bluebells as well.


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