Three foodgasms that will make you want to go to Copenhagen

As someone who doesn’t really like fish in any way or form, Scandinavia never really struck me as a place where I’d discover some culinary delights. So when I booked my solo trip to Copenhagen, I wasn’t expecting to find a lot of typical dishes or places I’d be able to try and actually enjoy.

But after some research beforehand on places where I would be able to stop for lunch or dinner, I found that Denmark‘s capital actually had a lot to offer foodwise.


Starting with one of my absolute favorite places in the city; Papirøen. Across the water from Nyhaven, on Paper Island, an old warehouse has been filled with all kinds of vans, stalls and trucks offering food from all over the world. It’s an absolute delight for foodies. The only downside is that you won’t be able to choose and end up overeating. Luckily, for Denmark, this is a rather cheap place to eat so you can actually allow yourself some exploits.

Papirøen is also very loved by the locals. Whenever the weather is nice, the outside terrace is filled to the brim with people chatting with friends while enjoying their lunch or snacks. With its location right at the water it’s no mystery that it can get quite busy. It is quite a lovely place that has a great view, amazing food and a decent price.

Since I was already abroad, I decided to ignore the Brazilian, Turkish and other food stalls and headed for the typical Danish food. I enjoyed myself a really great potato rye open-faced sandwich, also known as Smørrebrød. I couldn’t have found a better lunch dish.


On my first evening in the city, I went for dinner to this great burger restaurant near the Round Tower; Flottenheimer. If you know me well, you know that I love my burgers, so of course I had to try at least one burger place in Copenhagen.

From the outside Flottenheimer looks like a pretty hip place, but once you’re inside it’s actually quite romantic and rustic. Their burger menu isn’t too comprehensive, but every dish that came out of the kitchen looked to die for. My burger was definitely a win. It came with a side of fries and some – to me – hot sauce. Yum!

Aside from burgers they also have grilled dishes which seemed very mouthwattering. Of course these are a bit more expensive than the burgers. But whatever your budget is, I can only recommend this lovely place in Copenhagen center for all you burger lovers out there.


And the last thing I want to mention that I thouroughly enjoyed in Copenhagen was their famous Hindbærsnitte or Raspberry slice.

I had planned to get myself one from one of the many bakeries in the city but of course when it seemed like the perfect time for an afternoon snack, there was no bakery to be found. Just my luck. So instead I got mine from 7 Eleven. What counted most was that it was absolutely delicious. For those alone I’d return to Copenhagen.

But as you can see, I managed to quite enjoy some delicious food while discovering the great city of Copenhagen. Scandinavia isn’t quite known for it’s cheap food – or cheap anything – but all of the above where reasonably priced considering where I was.


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