Six highlights of Prague that stuck with me over the years

Back in the summer of 2013 I was lucky that I was allowed to tag along with my parents on a roadtrip to Berlin and Prague. I have already discussed a thing or two about the accommodation we stayed at in Berlin, but for this next post, I’ll be focusing on my highlights of Czech Republic‘s Capital; Prague.

We stayed in this city for three days and were able to cover many of the main sights. I completely adored this city, especially the gorgeous architecture you can find on every corner of every street. Basically the entire city is a highlight. Sadly I didn’t have a good camera yet back then so bear with these LQ pictures.


While there are so many beautiful sights that I remember from this citytrip, these are a few things that stayed with me most over the years. The details may have faded, but the main things are unforgetable.

1. Prague Castle

Because what would an old city be without its castle? Prague is another one of those European Cities that has their own stunning old castle. This one dates back to the ninth century and has made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s also the largest castle complex in the world so skipping this sight would be crime.

I recall the climb up to the entrance being quite streneous but back then I was still a whiny teenager so that may have been a bit exaggerated. I shall have to go back one day to verify that fact. But the one fact I did remember is that the architecture of these buildings is definitely worth your time.

Especially in the evening, it’s beautiful lit up which gives an amazing view from the banks of the river Vltava. Dreamy.


2. Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock of Prague is definitely one of my favorite things about the city. With its 600 years, it’s the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still in operation. Every hour people gather in front of this medieval clock for quite a show. Make sure you come early if you want to get a good view of everything going on.

3. Charles Bridge

This is thé sight of the city of Prague. The Charles bridge can be found on any postcard about the city and is hence once of the main tourist attractions. Its construction started in the fourteenth century and took about fifty years to complete.

On the bridge many artists are showing off their work and trying to sell their stuff, but the real sight are the thirty baroque statues lining the gothic bridge. These statues are only copies; the originals can be found in the Lapidarium.

One simply can’t go to Prague without at least once crossing this beautiful bridge. Of course because of that it can get really freaking busy on the bridge as well. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds there.


4. Trdlo

Whenever I’m on a citytrip, I make it my mission to try at least one typical dish or food from the county I’m visiting. Something that’s typical of Prague is definitely the Trdlo or Trdelnik. This is a kind of dessert made out of rolled dough wrapped around a stick and then grilled and covered in sugar and whatever else you want.

It’s simple yet so delicious. Especially when they’re still hot. Something you can’t miss whenever visiting the city of Prague. And you won’t miss it as it seems to be available all over the city.

5. Petrin Tower

For a moment you might think you’re in Paris instead of Prague, but no, Prague has its own Eiffel Tower.  It was built in 1891 as a part of the Jubilee Exhibition and is about 60 metre high. It takes 300 steps to get to the top of the Petrin Lookout tower.

As I have mentioned before I always like to find a lookout spot over a city whenever I’m on a citytrip. The Petrin Tower is perfect for this as it’s also situated on top fo the Petrin Hill.


6. The streets of Prague

While you can list many, many other sights of Prague, I mostly just enjoyed wandering the streets of this city. On every corner of every street you can find a building that’s worth admiring. Of course after three days the newness wanes a bit, but still, there are always building that manage to get your attention. Prague is one of those cities where you have to allow yourself to get lost, just to enjoy it to the fullest.


Have you ever been to Prague and if yes, what was your personal highlight?




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