Day hike to the tripoint from Nauders

When your parents offer you to join them for free on their trip to Austria, it’s impossible to pass on that. After some ‘Puss-in-Boots’-eyes at work, I was allowed to take some extra days off during the busy summer and tag along for a week of fun in the Kaunertal.

For seven days we stayed in the beautiful municipality Nauders, in the state of Tyrol. Nauders is a great point of departure for many hikes. With about 300 km of hiking trails in the area, that’s obviously where you could find us on the days when the weather was nice. On the first beautiful day, we immediately set out on our first full day hike; up to the tri-border area of Austria, Switserland and Italy.


Since we aren’t that experienced hikers, and we didn’t know about the endurance of all parties involved, we did the first part of the hike by cable car. The ‘Mutzkopf’ chairlift takes you from Nauders up to ‘Kleiner Mutzkopf’ at 1812 meter above sealevel for 16,5 euros both ways. A bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it to save some strenght for the rest of the hike.

To get to the tripoint, you can take the heavier hike trail number 7, but we took a small detour over the easier hiking trails as it included two other beautiful sights in the area. We started off on trail 9 to the Schwarzsee (‘Black Lake’). The trail was going downhill first – which is quite a bummer as we knew that we’d have to walk it all back up again as the tripoint was at 2180 meters – so we arrived pretty quickly at the lake. Only forty minutes down, but we’d have to take into account about an hour to get back up on the way back.


After a short drink and snack break at the Schwarzsee, it was time for the next part; trail 5 to the Grünsee (Green Lake). Another beautiful lake in the area. This time the trail was a bit more uphill, but definitely still to be considered easy. It took us about thirty minutes to complete.


Up until that point, this hike is easy and perfectly doable for families with children and not-experienced hikers. From the Grünsee on, it gets a bit more difficult. The trail to the tri-border area (Trail 6 and 47) is of medium difficulty and includes some steep uphill parts. It’s basically over an hour of hiking up, up, up.

But we managed just fine so if your endurance is okay, you’ll be just fine as well. These trails take you higher up the mountains and through the beautiful alphine meadows. The view you are rewarded with at the tri-border area is absolutely stunning. Plus, it’s cool to be in three countries at the same time!


I loved this hike as it’s got multiple goals along the way. You’re not just hiking towards one viewing point, but you’ve got two beautiful lakes along the way. The first part is mostly throught the forest, but once you’re past the Grünsee, the meadows are picture-perfect. A great choice for not that experienced but determined hikers.

And if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, just skip the chairlift up to Mutzkopf and hike from the center of Nauders all the way up and all the way back down. It’s a great hike that you can adapt to your own abilities. For us, it was the perfect way to start our holiday in Austria.




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