The must-do hike in Nauders; Goldseen

The hike to the tri-point was an amazing way to discover the area and warm up the muscles, but if you only have time for one day hike in Nauders, the Goldseen is definitely more worth your time.

Here you hike through the meadows to the beautiful view over two lakes. You can even go all the way to the crystal clear and icy cold lakes. And all the time, you’re surrounded by the stunning Austrian mountains. It’s a true sight to behold!


As with the other hike, we once again made the hike a little easier by taking the cable car ‘Bergkastelbahn’ up to Bergkastel. This saves you a two-hour hike up and two hours back down. It’s 16,5 euros both way, but it’s quite a time saver. Plus, if you plan on doing this cable car, the Mutzkopf one, visit the Kaunertal Gletscher (24 euro) and the area of Servaus-Fiss-Ladis (with nine cable cars connecting the towns), it’s very interesting to get yourself the Summergold Card (44 euro for four days use within six days). It might seem a bit expensive at first, but so are the cable cars and chairlifts in the area, so you easily save a lot of money by getting the card. This way you don’t have to think twice about going on an extra cable car; you can just do it!

Since the clouds were still not cleared yet by the time we arrived at Bergkastel station, we decided to take another chair lift higher up. The Zirmbahn only works on Wednesday and Sunday and takes you up another 450meter. The fee is also included in the Summergold Card, so all the more reason to get one. As we were going up the chairlift, we suddenly ended up above the clouds and it was magical.


And then it was time to get active. From Bergkastel it’s two hours up to the view area of the Goldseen. It’s not that far in distance, but it’s a lot more technical than the hike up to the tri-point. The underground is very rocky and at times it’s more climbing than hiking. But it’s so. much. fun! You’ll definitely need good hiking shoes for this one. (Although my dad did manage to finish the last hour of the hike up and the two hours back down with the sole of this boots re-attached by just his shoelaces…)

Since the Bergkastel cable car takes you up higher to start, you’re also constantly surrounded by the beautiful alpine meadows and mountain top views. The biggest risk is missing your step because you’re too busy looking around at the breathtaking views.


After roughly two hours we made it all the way up to the highest point overlooking both the ‘Golden lakes’. I just didn’t know where to look first; at the two lakes down on one side or the beautiful mountain range on the other (picture on top). Isn’t that worth it to work yourself to a sweat?


We again brought our lunch with us and even the stalest sandwish would probably taste good if you have such views in front of you. The timing was also perfect for it. Two hours up starting from 10am, lunch at noon with a view and then two hours back down; perfectly in time before the last cable car back to Nauders. It doesn’t get better than this!


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