Nostalgia for my second home Karlsruhe

Those who have already made themselves familiar with my ‘about’ page will know that back in 2012 I studied in Karlsruhe for half a year during my Erasmus exchange year. Since I pulled the door shut behind me mid January 2013 to go back home, I hadn’t been back.

Until two weeks ago. Karlsruhe is one of the places we passed on our way from Austria back home to Belgium. And I of course couldn’t just pass my second home without a short stop.


As we still had a six hour drive ahead of us, we didn’t have all that much time to stop and sightsee, but I had time enough to see a few of the places that are dear to me. First being the place I lived. There is nothing too special about that building, so we quickly moved on to the most interesting sightseeing place; the palace of Karlsruhe (picture above). It was built in 1715 and now houses a museum on the cultural history of Baden-Wurtemburg. I visited it once during my exchange year, and it didn’t really leave me very impressed. Then again, musea aren’t really my thing. But the architecture of the palace and the beautiful garden that lies around it, definitely makes it worth it.

One of the other main places to visit is the main square. When I arrived back in 2012 they were already doing construction on one of the main roads and up until today, they still haven’t finished. The same street is still under construction and now they’re also working on the main square. That was quite a bummer as the main square has a beautiful pyramid in the middle which was now stripped and not as impressive anymore. Luckily for you I still have a pic of back in 2012.


One of my favorite places of Karlsruhe is definitely Karlsruhe Zoo. I even got myself a year pass even though I was there for less than half a year. This way I could go visit my animals friends as many times as I liked. I especially loved the polar bears and the penguins. And I do hope that my money was well spent on the wellbeing of these lovely creatures. Attached to the zoo, there is also a lovely park but since I was there during winter, that part of Karlsruhe wasn’t very much visited by me.


Coming all the way from Austria, we hadn’t had time to have a decent meal yet along the way. So off to Oxford Cafe we went. That was my absolute favorite place to eat in Karlsruhe. It offered cheap -really cheap- but very quality and very good meals. Their burgers are simply to die for and you get them with a side of fries for less than 4 euros. If that isn’t a reason to go to Karlsruhe, then I don’t know what it. I think nostalgia hit me most as I was enjoying my standard cheeseburger in Oxford Cafe.


And while exiting the city, we passed the university I went to; Karlshochschule International University. And that was the last I saw of Karlsruhe that day. So much nostalgia in little over an hour. I wish I had had a bit more time to rediscover the city, but it was nice to have a quick look anyway.

Karlsruhe doesn’t really offer a lot for tourists and mostly it’s the people I studied with that made this city like my second home. So as excited as I was to revisit that place, I’m even more excited to reunite with a few of my fellow students in nine days when we travel together to Athens and Santorini. So more to look forward to!

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