Here’s to 2019; the year where being an adult and travelling will have to be combined!

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again that I’m writing a round-up post about last year’s travels. I feel like 2018 had only just begun. Oh how time flies!

And yes, the past year I’ve also had so many amazing travel memories and was able to scratch off a couple of destinations from my bucket list. For 2019 however…


Back in February, I decided on a whim to pay another visit to my beloved Berlin. I hesitated for the longest time but in the end just said ‘yes’ to the itch to travel and booked the ticket. Mostly I just wanted to attend the Berlin Film Festival – since film is another passion of mine – but of course once I was in Berlin, I had to revisit some of the highlights of the city.

I had three wonderful days and met one of my favorite actresses, Claire Foy at the same time. So yes, that citytrip was a definite success and it taught me that you can’t regret going on that trip more than not going.


Then in March I went on my first big trip of the year; Morocco. This was my annual trip with my dad and it was one of those countries that had been on our mutual travel bucket list for the longest time. Due to the fear of being harassed all the time we had put off that destination every year, but in 2018 we put on our big girl panties and decided to see if the rumors were true.

And yes, Moroccan merchants will go the extra mile to get your attention but honestly it was a whole lot less horrible than I expected it to be. I never felt unsafe or that someone was just a little too much in my comfort zone. It was a very positive experience and we got the see the most amazing bazaars, medinas and nature.


They always tell you to keep the best for last, and that’s also what I did in 2018. In September of last year I went to West-Canada with two of my best friends and it was all I could have wished for and so much more.

I’m currently finishing up the last couple of posts on this trip so every week I’m still reliving a bit of that amazing journey that we took. The breathtaking reflection of snow-topped mountains in those stunning turquoise blue lakes are a sight that will be forever burned in my memory.


As you can see, I can once again consider myself very lucky for all I’ve seen and done the past year. It’s been a truly wonderful year when it comes to travelling.

But now for the future. You may have noticed that my ‘What’s Next’ has been empty for quite a while. And sadly that’s correct. I don’t have any concrete plans yet for 2019. Most of that is because I did buy a house end of last year -YAY!- and I first want to get everything settled for that new chapter in my life.

So since I’m soon moving out of “Casa Mama” that also means that there will be less budget for travelling and that more of my money will go to ‘being an adult’. Unfortunately that will probably also mean less content for me to write about and I do hope you guys won’t come across too many tumbleweeds when you visit this blog sometime next year.


However ‘not travelling’ simply can’t exist in my life so I do want to squeeze in at least one or two trips. I have a few vague plans but nothing is really set in stone yet.

First of all, February is my travel month. For the past five years I’ve been abroad every year during that month. In 2014 it all started with New York, 2015 included a trip to Paris, 2016 was the amazing trip to Cuba, in 2017 I traveled through Vietnam and last year I was in Berlin. So it just wouldn’t be right in my head to end that streak. I’m thinking about a short citytrip – like Porto of another warmer destination – but nothing concrete has come up yet. Any tips or ideas are very much appreciated!

And then there is also my annual trip with my father of course. This year he’d like to do a roadtrip through either Ireland or Scotland and I’m all down for that, but I just have to figure out how I’m going to do that budget wise. Fortunately my dad and I always try to keep our travels low-budget, so I’m actually pretty sure that this trip will happen.

Then with my Canadian travel buddies we have been talking about visiting Norway, but that trip might be a bit out of budget for the next year. It would be a dream come true considering Norway is top of my bucket list at the moment but I do have to be a bit realistic as well. I guess I’ll just see how the first couple of months of the year go and how much I can save and hopefully we can work something out.

To be honest when I bought my house I made sure that I still would be able to travel as I simply couldn’t imagine not going places for the next couple of years. I don’t want to be a slave of some bricks and mortar. So if nothing unexpected comes along the way, I should be able to go on a few trips next year and the trips above might actually be possible. It would consider some planning budget wise, but I’m fairly confident that I will be able to manage. Plus it also helps that both my parents and grandparents are giving me travel cash as a New Year’s present.

So 2019 is looking very bright and I’m so excited to start this year’s journey even though I don’t know yet where it’ll take me. And for you; I wish you all a sparkling, joyful and travel-filled 2019!



2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2019; the year where being an adult and travelling will have to be combined!

  1. I love your photos! You’re so lucky to have travelled so much. I’m hoping to go to Australia later this year, make the most of having relatives living out there! Good luck for your 2019 travels πŸ™‚


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