Eight favorite pictures of my latest trip to London

Four young women, a couple of half-empty suitcases, a credit card with a budget for shopping and a train ticket to London. That was the recipe for a banging two day girls trip to UK’s capital. Not even the continuous Brexit mess could temper our excitement.

As it was my sixth time traveling to London there wasn’t all that much left that I hadn’t seen yet. So my sightseeing posts will be limited this time around. Sorry! Nonetheless it was impossible for me to spend my entire two days in this amazing city just on and around Oxford Street. Fortunately my friends allowed me to wander the city for a couple of hours each day so I could get my travel fix as well.

I revisited many of my favorite places but managed to tick off a few new ones as well. There will be a post dedicated just to those new ones, but since I wanted to give some love to the other places as well, I decided to throw together a post with just my favorite pictures of those two days.


An overcast sky, a whole bunch of Union Jacks and a typical London cab. The only thing to make this picture more British would probably be the Queen passing by while sipping a cup of tea. But hey, Buckingham Palace can be spotted in the very background, so let’s say she was right there sipping her cup, okay?


It’s kinda sad that jumping around to pop bubbles isn’t quite done once you’ve reached a certain age. But bubbles always make me happy and so does walking along the river Thames on South Bank. Food trucks, street artists and the many people just enjoying the city make this such an amazing place.


A piece of carrot cake and this view. Does it get any better? Don’t think so! This is the sight you are rewarded with from the Tate Modern Museum cafeteria. From the 10th floor of the museum you even get a 360° view of the city. Lovely, lovely, lovely!


Oh my beloved St. Paul’s, looking as dashingly beautiful as ever. The sun had just come out and I was feeling so absolutely overjoyed right that very moment that this picture is just making me so happy.


There is just something magical about Regent Street right after sunset, when the first lights are popping up. The end of an amazing first day in the city.


Waking up in London and being greeted by a warm sun and a clear blue sky. Dopamine levels sky high! Our Airbnb was right in the center of the city, close to Oxford St. and while it was quite a small place it was all we could have wished for.


If you don’t have a picture of a red bus when you come home from London, have you really been? This is just a must and well, here you have it.


And I’m saving the most important one for last. It doesn’t really fit the series as this could have literally been taken in any backyard and is meaningless to you all, but this picture just brings me so much joy. These ladies bring me so much joy. Without them, this trip wouldn’t have been the same and I’m so, so, so, grateful to have them in my life.

With this I’ll conclude this little post on my London adventures. Coming right up is more on the new stuff I visited on this trip, so stay tuned and if you have any questions already; you know where to find me!

♡ Ellen


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