How to spend your rainy days in the Norwegian Fjords

When you’re traveling to Norway, you have to know that there is a very big possibility that you’ll have quite a bit of rain during your holiday. A two-week trip up north without an overcast sky and a single drop of water would probably be half a miracle.

The first days of our trip had already been a bit overcast, but then once we were past Bergen, the rain started to come down in buckets. We were looking forward to three very, very wet days, and that right as we were arriving in the beautiful Fjords. I’d be lying if I said that this didn’t affect our moods and made us a bit gloomy. But we tried to make the best of those days anyway.


The first of those days the rain pounded down on us like never before. As we were driving away from Bergen and into the Fjords we almost couldn’t see the road in front of us. It was actually pretty scary. So the scenic route wasn’t very scenic at that time. We continued driving, just because that seemed like the only thing we could do. But when we arrived in Voss around noon, we had just about had it with all that driving and not seeing anything. We wanted to stretch our legs and near Voss you can find the Bordalsgjelet, a small gorge with a waterfall.

It was a small hike to get to the gorge itself but upon arrival we noticed that there was a small parking lot right next to it. Fortunately the rain had turned into only a slight drizzle, so we weren’t all that bothered. After all we were looking to stretching our legs. The gorge itself was beautiful, but nothing very special and it was quite small as well. It takes only about five minutes to walk to the end and then another five to get back. But it was a nice place to stop that was also beautiful with an overcast and rainy sky.


Because of the rain, our end destination of the day, Undredal, closed in on us a lot sooner than planned. Considering Undredal is a really small town, we decided to continue driving a while longer to one of the most famous tourist hotspots in the area: Flam.

To reach Flam from Undredal, you have to drive through the longest road tunnel in the world: The Laerdal Tunnel. 24,5 kilometers of concrete surrounding you. In three places in the tunnel they’ve added some blue lightning to keep the drivers focused. While it is cool to say we’ve driven through the longest road tunnel, it’s just a really long time of driving with nothing to see.

But we made it to Flam. And that was the biggest let down ever. Flam is the place where most of the gigantic cruise ships dock and many of the tourist just get out to take the Flam Railway. That railway is supposedly very beautiful but we had decided against doing that since we had a lot of beautiful roads ahead of us to drive by car and the weather was just awful so we didn’t see the point. So that only left us with some very touristic souvenir shops and the sight of a cruise ship. Not much to write home about. So after a coffee and some pie, we turned around again – back through the tunnel – and drove to Undredal.

The little town of Undredal didn’t have much to offer either when it comes to activities, but at least it had a whole lot more charm. The view on the Fjord was just amazing and I can only imagine it to be breathtaking if the weather is better.


The next day, more rain and grey skies were in the forecast. So we were looking forward to another day in the car. Fortunately we were on route to visit my friend’s friend who lives in a small place in the Fjords. So this time it wouldn’t really matter if we arrived early at our end destination. We did make some stops along the way, such as the Kaupanger Stave Church, just to stretch the legs whenever the rain wasn’t that bad.  We arrived in Nordfjordeid, the city closest to where that friend lives, around 3pm so right in time for more coffee and pie. And then the rest of the afternoon was spent socializing. So then the rain didn’t really bother us that much.

After the coziest evening and a good night’s rest, we were ready to explore more of the Fjords. It seemed like the rain wouldn’t be that heavy anymore – thank god! -, so we were eager to discover some sights the area. We first headed to one of the narrowest valleys in Norway; Norangsdalen. The rain may have lessened a bit, but the grey overcast skies were still very much present. But this time it didn’t really bother me. In fact it gave the valley a very eerie and special look.


Next up was a little hike, to get the blood flowing again. We drove back in the direction of Nordfjordeid and stopped in a little place called Randabygda. There you’ll find the start of the trail that goes to the Tvinnefossen. Because yes, one can never see enough waterfalls. The hike wasn’t all that special, but the fall itself was pretty cool as you could walk pretty closely behind it. After all the rain the last couple of days, we weren’t even bothered anymore about getting wet.

Early afternoon we then returned to Nordfjordeid to meet up with the friend we were staying with. She works at the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center, Norway’s national resource center on this amazing Norwegian horse breed. We got an exclusive look behind the scenes at the place which was the coolest thing ever. Those Fjord horses are just so majestic.

And having a local to guide us around, it was time for another small hike in the area. There are quite a few mountain peaks in Nordfjordeid and many of those have trails all the way to the top. Mona took us up Skarhaugsnakken, which was a pretty intense hike up through the woods and the meadows. But the view over the city was all worth it.


Tired but fulfilled with how the day went, we headed to Aske Gatemat & Byggeri for some well-deserved dinner. The rest of the day we spent relaxing and just enjoying the cosy atmosphere of our friend’s home. The next day we would be leaving her again and continuing our road towards Geiranger. And the weather forecast was a lot more positive as well, so bye bye rainy Fjords and hello sunny Fjords!

♡ Ellen

2 thoughts on “How to spend your rainy days in the Norwegian Fjords

  1. Great post and fantastic photos, Norway looks amazing even on a rainy day. I’ve always wanted to visit but having lived in rainy Ireland for more than a decade and a half, we end up traveling to coutries with lots of sunshine. Maybe one day…. Thanks for sharing and safe travels 😀 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah, I can’t blame you for prefering sunny destinations! Belgium isn’t great either but Norway had been on my list forever so I just couldn’t postpone it any longer 😅 I’ve had a little taste of Ireland a few years ago and I really wanna see more but yeah the rain 😂
      Safe travels for you too 😊


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