A day in the most famous Fjord in Norway, the Geiranger Fjord

One of the destinations almost every traveler adds to their roadtrip itinerary when travelling through Norway is the Geiranger Fjord. Since this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site it probably would have been a disgrace to skip it on the grounds of there being too many other tourists swarming the place. It did help that my friend, who had been to Norway two years earlier, said it was absolutely worth it to make that sacrifice. So, Geiranger was added to the list of places we would visit.

When you come from the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen and drive in the direction of Geiranger, you are welcomed with a beautiful view on the Fjord from up high right along the road. Not too shabby for a first view, eh?


Since it was already pretty late in the afternoon by the time we made it to the small village of Geiranger, we didn’t have a whole lot planned the rest of that day. We checked into our – expensive-  hotel, Hotel Geiranger, and enjoyed our dinner with a lovely sunset view over the Fjord. The next morning we enjoyed an equally beautiful view on the water from the breakfast room. So yeah, it may have been a pricey hotel, but the location was superb.

But we didn’t stick around the hotel too long. The sun was shining bright and the skies were blue so I was itching to see as much as possible of this beautiful 15-kilometre fjord. We first headed to Europe’s highest car-accessible viewpoint over the Fjords; Dalsnibba.  This toll road costs 150 NOK (= +/-€15) but it gives you access to a platform 1500m above sea level and a gorgeous panorama with snow-covered mountains and of course the Fjord. Even in September, there was still some snow up on the top of the viewpoint which gave it even an extra special touch.


Driving back down, we took a turn off the main road and parked our car at the Westerås Restaurant. From there you can start the Løsta Trial, a 2,8 kilometer hike with magnificent views on the side of the Fjord. At the restaurant we first had to go through a little gate and were immediately surrounded by goats, sheep and llamas. That alone made it worth the stop.

The hike itself wasn’t that long, but it was quite a steady ascent to get to the viewpoints over the Fjord. All worth it though, as the views were absolutely stunning. If you can’t get enough of the scenery, you can also take the junction halfway along the hike to add another viewpoint: Vesteråsfjellet. But in my humble opinion the views at Løsta were more spectacular.


Back at the car, it was already time to leave the town of Geiranger behind us. From Løsta we had already seen the beautiful Eagle Road out of the valley and that’s what we were heading for now. The road itself isn’t all that special, but it’s definitely worth it to stop at ørnesvingen. You get another beautiful panorama over the Fjord, seen from the other side, and you can also spot a bit of the famous Seven Sisters waterfall.


And then it was already time to leave the Geiranger Fjord behind us. I don’t know if it was because it was our first day in the Fjords with spectacularly beautiful weather or if it is the Fjord itself, but the Geiranger Fjord really did manage to take my breath away. Maybe it’s a bit of both, but I definitely don’t regret adding this destination to our trip.

And we never really got the feeling that the place was swamped with tourists as well. We were early at the Dalsnibba viewpoint, there were only a few other tourists hiking the Løsta trail, and yes, maybe at the viewpoint along the Eagle road it was a bit busier. But nothing that really made me want to scream. So Geiranger was definitely a highlight for me.

♡ Ellen


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