From Andalsnes back to Oslo, the final stage of our Norwegian Roadtrip

Eleven days on the road in Norway had brought us to the most northern point of our trip; Andalsnes. There is plenty more of beautiful nature to discover even more north, but sadly we didn’t have any more time to see those.  It was time to turn around and head back to Olso.

We had given ourselves two days to make the trek back. That is plenty considering it’s “only” 450 kilometers. For the first day our end destination was Lom, and then the second day we hoped to make it to Olso late afternoon so we’d still have some time to see the city by night.


To be quite honest, there isn’t a lot to see anymore on that route back to Oslo. So we did have some trouble to fill our days with things to do and stuff to see. It sort of already felt like our trip was over the minute we left Andalsnes. We probably should have just ripped off that Band-Aid quickly and made the drive in one day. Nonetheless we tried to make the best out of it.

Our first stop on the first day was only fifteen minutes outside of Andalsnes. The Trollveggen; the tallest vertical, overhanging rock face of Europe; at 1000 meters. I think after eleven days in Norway’s beauty that we were somewhat saturated because this view didn’t really impress me. Maybe it’s also because I’ve already stood in front of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in America. That one is twice that size so probably a tad more imposing.


Moving on! Half an hour further we saw a sign for the Slettafossen. We were all giggly about the name (‘slet’ in Dutch means ‘slut’) so of course we had to go check out that waterfall. It was right along the road, so it didn’t cost us any time. But it was a fall just like so many, nothing all too special. But it was a nice excuse to get out of the car and stretch the legs a bit. Not that they really needed much stretching after hiking Romsdalseggen Ridge the day before. We were pretty beat…

For lunch, we made a stop along the way in a gas station. And that’s very common in Norway. Most of the gas stations there have a small restaurant or at least a small food station where you can always buy hot dogs, or as they are known in Norway; Pølse. I of course couldn’t leave Norway without at least once having tried one of those national traditions. I honestly was surprised at how good they were was. Of course one gas station can be better than the other, but my friend tried a few and it apparently was always good. So we can highly recommend lunch stops at gas stations.

It was only early afternoon by the time we arrived in Lom, our end destination for the day. We immediately headed for the main viewpoint in this town: the stave church (what else?!)


The friend we stayed with earlier on our trip already warmly recommended the bakery in Lom; Bakeriet i Lom. She’s a huge fan of the cinnamon buns, carrot cake and the focaccia bread, so of course we had to go check out if she was right. The bakery had a little café attached, so we got ourselves a cup of coffee (and chai tea) to accompany our delicacies. The carrot cake was as good as I was promised. Unfortunately we couldn’t try all of the sweets in one afternoon, but we bought some cinnamon buns and other pastries to have for breakfast the morning after. That’s another meal sorted. (And yes, those buns were de-li-ci-ous as well)

The rest of the afternoon we spent in our lovely cabin that we had rented for the night: chalet Fossheim Steinsenter. This wonderful logcabin is situated right next to the rock museum of the town and offers all facilities one could need. It was such a big cabin for only three people. I absolutely adored our stay there.

For dinner, there aren’t many options in Lom. We crossed the road to the Nordal Touristhotell & Kafé and while the food was good, it’s wasn’t anything special. But beggars can’t be choosers. Before going to sleep, I wandered around town once more and found it quite charming right before darkness.


The next morning we weren’t really in a rush to leave. There again wasn’t much to see along the way and we didn’t have to cover that much distance anymore. We actually only took one more stop; Lillehammer. This city hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics so we figured that there must be quite a lot to do and see over there. But we were kind of mistaken. There is a pedestrian area around the shopping street that has some nice houses and shops, but other than that we didn’t find a lot of exciting activities. We had lunch in Café Opus, wandered around the city a bit longer and then got back in our car to finish the last few kilometers to Oslo.


We arrived back in Olso around 4pm. At first we weren’t feeling up to being active anymore, but our hotel room was quite sad and looked like a hospital room, so we headed out anyway. It were our last moments in Norway after all. The last moments of a really amazing trip that passed by way too quickly again.

And just like our trip was over then, so are my posts on this road trip. At least for now. But no worries, I’m heading to the beautiful city of Vienna in only nine days, so more travel content coming soon! If anyone has any tips on places to see or visit in Austria’s capital, let me know! It’ll be my first time in the city, so I’m super excited to discover the home of Mozart, Beethoven and Freud.

♡ Ellen

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