Hello there and welcome to my travel blog!

Who’s that chick?

My name is Ellen and I was born in 1992 in a teeny tiny country called Belgium.  My native language is Dutch but since travelling is a world-wide phenomenon (Ha!) I’ll be blogging in English to reach and help more people (Including all my international friends). So please bear with me when something isn’t grammatically correct or you stumble across some spelling mistakes. I am trying my very best.

As you might have already guessed by this blog I’m completely addicted to travelling. My bucketlist consist of basically every country in the world so I still have quite a bit of places to explore. When I’m out there discovering places, I’m also determined to make the most beautiful shots possible of what I’m seeing. But unfortunately I’m quite an amateur when it comes to photography so they don’t always turn out so great. Either way most of the pictures that appear on my blog are my own.

I’m also one of those travellers that simply can’t sit still – unless it’s to watch a beautiful sunset or part of an experience. My travel style is quite fast-paced as I just have a need to have seen everything. So know that if you’re copying one of my itiniraries, you won’t always have time to lenghty lunches and afternoon drinks.


How did it all start?

I was bitten by the travel bug in 2012 during my four month Erasmus study in Karlsruhe, Germany. Going there was one of scariest yet best decisions of my life and it started making me so curious to discover more places.  Before that, I have been lucky enough that my parents had already taken me to many places in Europe, so maybe you can say that it’s a bit in my genes.

The more I travelled, the more friends and family came to ask me for tips and information on places I’d already been. After a while I just thought; why not share it with even more people? So I started adding posts about my travels to my blog. Soon I found that I enjoyed it so much, so after two years I reuploaded all my travel posts here and so the travel blog was born!

Part-time traveller.

If the world would be a wish-granting factory, I’d be travelling all day every day. Sadly, I have a full time job at a Belgian insurance company, AG Insurance, so travelling is only a part-time thing for me. But I can assure you that whenever possible, you’ll find me wandering places and making new travel memories.


With this blog, I hope to share as many of my experiences and stories with the rest of the world and hopefully inspire people to also pack their bags and discover all the beauty this world has to offer.

If you have any questions or suggestions (or just want to say hi!), you can always contact me on my contact page, email me (ellen.de.smet92@gmail.com) or just join me on social media (Twitter, FacebookInstagram, Pinterest)

Go out and explore the world, because there is just so much to see out there!

With love, Ellen



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