Twelve day Moroccan roadtrip; what does it cost?

It's now been three months ago that I left for a twelve day trip through Morocco, and as usual I had a budget plan drawn up for this trip pre-departure. After some research online, I decided that 800 euros seemed like an amount I could work with. Yes, you read that correctly, only 800 euros... Continue Reading →


Three weeks backpacking through Vietnam; travelling doesn’t have to be expensive!

As usual I'm concluding my long revue of posts about my most recent travels with a round-up of my budget and expenses of the trip. As South-East asia is known to be a cheaper region, the budget for my three week backpacking trip through Vietnam was also a lot lower than for my trip last... Continue Reading →

Travel budget for 11 days Cuba

One of the most asked questions about travelling is always “How much did it cost?” and “What was your budget?”. It is of course not always cheap to travel, and especially not when you’re travelling quite the distance. I always try to mention prices whenever I remember them in my other posts, but since this... Continue Reading →

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