Visit Westminster Abbey with Jeremy Irons

I don't even know why it took me all those years and four trips to London to finally visit Westminster Abbey, but this January I finally set foot in this majestic church. From the outside, it's already such an intriguing building. But the more than thousand years of history are even more impressive. Knowing you're setting... Continue Reading →

Hiking trip in the Ardennes

What better way to spend your weekend than to spend it with some friends in a rental house in the Ardennes? So that's exactly what I did last weekend. The Ardennes is a region in Belgium that's known for hiking and other outdoors activities, such as kayaking, rock climbing and speleology. It has lush forests... Continue Reading →

20th Flower Carpet of Brussels

The past year Brussels - my lovely capital - received a lot of negative attention due to terrorism. This results in about 50% less tourists staying and visiting this beautiful city. It pains my heart to see how this wonderful place gets neglected now while there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Yesterday, I... Continue Reading →

Weekend in the Somme Region

Due to the fact that I can't get a week off at work during summer (Perks of being the youngest in the office), our family can no longer take long trips during my father's annual holiday. So lately this results in day trips or weekend getaways close to home. Last week we headed to St. Omer region... Continue Reading →

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