Why overthink travelling? Just go!

About three weeks ago the idea of going to Berlin again during the Berlinale - The Berlin Film Festival - had aggressively nested itself into my brain. I'd be a perfect combination of my love for travelling and love for cinema. Yet I just couldn't seem to make a final decision and book the damned... Continue Reading →


Two Days of Copenhagen’s Highlights

It is only now that my sister is heading to Copenhagen as we speak and asked me some advice on what to see that I realised that I never got around to writing my blog post about the highlights of Denmark's capital. An absolute disgrace. Completely unacceptable. I know! So as a Christmas gift to... Continue Reading →

Six must do things in Athens

It's been a month ago that I travelled to the beautiful Greece, so I figured it was about time I told you a bit more about the city I stayed in most of the trip; Athens. While Greece's capital disappointed me a bit, as there isn't all that much to see and certain parts of... Continue Reading →

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