Twelve day roadtrip itinerary through Morocco

It's been a week since I touched back down in Belgium after travelling through the beautiful country of Morocco, so I figured it was about time that I wrote something down about it. (I know, I haven't really been on top of things lately... Sorry!) Morocco had been on my travel bucket list for quite... Continue Reading →


Solo travelling, yay or nay?

Earlier this year I went on my first ever solo citytrip. I had been playing with the idea of going somewhere on my own for quite a long time, but I was always afraid that I would get too lonely or that it just wouldn't be my cup of tea. But one can never know... Continue Reading →

Surviving a transfer at Amsterdam Airport

Originally I wouldn’t have had to set foot in Schiphol airport, but due to the horrible terrorist attacks on Brussels Airport on March 22, Delta Airlines no longer flew my initially booked flight. Instead of transferring in Atlanta International Airport, I’d transfer much closer to home; Amsterdam Airport Schiphol I was quite happy with this... Continue Reading →

CUBA: First and foremost

First post of 2016 is finally here! And it won’t be just any post as this time; I’ll be talking about my trip to Cuba, which was a two week road trip throught the west and central part of this gorgeous country. We’ve started with three days in Havana, then travelled to Viñales for another... Continue Reading →

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