Highlight of Casablanca: Hassan II Mosque

Next stop on our roadtrip through Morocco: Casablanca! When I think of Casablanca, my cinematic heart immediately thinks of the lovely classic movie from 1942 starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogaert. Unfortunately not a single scene of that movie was filmed in Casablanca itself. So much for spotting some movie sights. Bummer! But that doesn’t... Continue Reading →


A day in Morocco’s capital Rabat

When we were planning our trip, I wasn’t completely over the top excited about Rabat’s sights even though there are quite a bit of them. Now that I’m back I found Rabat to be one of my favorite cities that we’ve visited on this trip. Maybe it is because it was the first day the... Continue Reading →

To a wonderful 2018!

And just like that, 2017 has come to an end. Another year gone by and a new one just waiting to be filled with memories. How time flies! Aside from last week's post, it had been quite a while since you'd heard from me but I sadly haven't been travelling since going to Greece in... Continue Reading →

Six must do things in Athens

It's been a month ago that I travelled to the beautiful Greece, so I figured it was about time I told you a bit more about the city I stayed in most of the trip; Athens. While Greece's capital disappointed me a bit, as there isn't all that much to see and certain parts of... Continue Reading →

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