How much money do I need for a 16-day US roadtrip?

Now that I’ve informed you all over the past few months about everything we’ve done on our US roadtrip, it’s probably also time to discuss the price tag that came along with this holiday. Same as with Cuba, I had a budget in mind before departure. This time, I was looking at around 2500 euros I... Continue Reading →


What if the Tioga Pass is closed?

The Tioga Pass. It's a name my dad and I will forever remember for the trouble it has caused us. The Tioga Pass (State Route 120) is the mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains which is usually crucial for roadtrippers. It's the shortest route from Mammoth Lakes area to the entrance of Yosemite National Park... Continue Reading →

The deserted road of Route 66

Of all the roads in the world, none appeals more to the imagination than the famous Route 66. This historic road goes all the way from Chicago on the East Coast of the US to Santa Monica on the West Coast. In 1985, the Route 66 became a lot less travelled on with the arrival of the Interstate... Continue Reading →

Spring day in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is thé place in California for winter sports. During the coldest months of the year, the place is filled with skiers, snowboarders and others seeking out snow. But once the snow has melted, it’s also a really nice place to stay. The second-last night of our roadtrip, we spent the night at the... Continue Reading →

Surviving the sweltering heat of Death Valley

Over 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit; in Death Valley that’s the rule rather than the exception. The highest temperature ever on earth was even recorded right in that very place: a sweltering 56,6° Celsius or 134° Fahrenheit. So to say it’s hot there would be an understatement. Since this is pretty much a well-known fact, we... Continue Reading →

Los Angeles in speed tempo

With its 1302 square kilometers and over 3,5 million inhabitants, Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States of America and the biggest in California. Yet we only got one evening en morning to explore this metropolitan. Oops. Of course not all of that area is filled to the brim with hot... Continue Reading →

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