9 Cuban customs and curiosities

I've been travelling quite a lot over the past few years -as you have probably noticed already-, but Cuba was something entirely new to me. I'm used to going short citytrips, mostly in Europe, so for the first time in my life I was heading to a whole new culture. Life is Cuba is obviously entirely different... Continue Reading →


Travel budget for 11 days Cuba

One of the most asked questions about travelling is always “How much did it cost?” and “What was your budget?”. It is of course not always cheap to travel, and especially not when you’re travelling quite the distance. I always try to mention prices whenever I remember them in my other posts, but since this... Continue Reading →

CUBA: Discovering the Valle de los Ingenios

One of course can't visit Trinidad without also going a bit out of the way to the UNESCO Heritage Site Valle de los Ingenios. The Valle de los Ingenios, also know as the Valley of the Sugar Mills, is a valley consisting of three interconnected valleys and can be found about 12km out of Trinidad. Those valleys are called... Continue Reading →

CUBA: A day out in Las Terrazas

For our third day on the lovely Cuba, our travel organization had planned an active excursion to Las Terrazas. This was one of the three options we had during our stay in Havana. We opted for this one as the other two options were less interesting to us. The eco-village Las Terrazas is situated about... Continue Reading →

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