Why overthink travelling? Just go!

About three weeks ago the idea of going to Berlin again during the Berlinale - The Berlin Film Festival - had aggressively nested itself into my brain. I'd be a perfect combination of my love for travelling and love for cinema. Yet I just couldn't seem to make a final decision and book the damned… Continue reading Why overthink travelling? Just go!


Nostalgia for my second home Karlsruhe

Those who have already made themselves familiar with my 'about' page will know that back in 2012 I studied in Karlsruhe for half a year during my Erasmus exchange year. Since I pulled the door shut behind me mid January 2013 to go back home, I hadn't been back. Until two weeks ago. Karlsruhe is… Continue reading Nostalgia for my second home Karlsruhe

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A hotel out of the city center? Yes!

When I start looking for a hotel to stay at during a citytrip -or basically any other trip- there is one thing that I care about most; location. Location location location. The best orientation point to visit the city is always my focal point, so usually I end up searching for a cheap solution as close to the… Continue reading A hotel out of the city center? Yes!