Why overthink travelling? Just go!

About three weeks ago the idea of going to Berlin again during the Berlinale - The Berlin Film Festival - had aggressively nested itself into my brain. I'd be a perfect combination of my love for travelling and love for cinema. Yet I just couldn't seem to make a final decision and book the damned... Continue Reading →


Nostalgia for my second home Karlsruhe

Those who have already made themselves familiar with my 'about' page will know that back in 2012 I studied in Karlsruhe for half a year during my Erasmus exchange year. Since I pulled the door shut behind me mid January 2013 to go back home, I hadn't been back. Until two weeks ago. Karlsruhe is... Continue Reading →

A hotel out of the city center? Yes!

When I start looking for a hotel to stay at during a citytrip -or basically any other trip- there is one thing that I care about most; location. Location location location. The best orientation point to visit the city is always my focal point, so usually I end up searching for a cheap solution as close to the... Continue Reading →

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