Mijn favoriete wandelroutes in West en Oost-Vlaanderen

(I'm very sorry to my readers abroad; this post will be in Dutch, just for once! If you'd like info on these hikes as well, just send me a message and I'll give you all you need in a language you can understand!) Eind oktober is het ondenkbare opnieuw gebeurd; een nieuwe lockdown. Opnieuw alle… Continue reading Mijn favoriete wandelroutes in West en Oost-Vlaanderen


Easy hiking in Heuvelland, Belgium

Why always go far when there is plenty of beauty closeby? That’s why whenever the weather is nice, I’d like to discover more of my own region. A couple of weeks ago, we had such a beautiful Sunday, so my parents and I headed for Heuvelland (meaning Hill Country in Dutch), a municipality in West-Flanders, Belgium. This region… Continue reading Easy hiking in Heuvelland, Belgium