Budapest: ‘Andrássy út’ and the city park

On my last full day in Budapest, I had planned to go see the main street in Budapest; Andrássy Út and the City park and everything around it. This was also the fourth walking tour in my ‘100 % Boedapest’ guide. I took the metro to Bajcsy Zsilinszky utak, where the tour started, and walked along Andrássy Út all the way to Kodály… Continue reading Budapest: ‘Andrássy út’ and the city park


Budapest: ‘St. Stephen’s Basilica’, ‘Parliament’ and ‘Szentendre’

On Monday – my third day in Budapest – my friend and I set out to visit another part of the Pest Side of the city, with the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Parliament and many other great buildings. The tour in my “100 Boedapest” guide started at the Chain Bridge. From there, we went to Gresham Palace,… Continue reading Budapest: ‘St. Stephen’s Basilica’, ‘Parliament’ and ‘Szentendre’


Budapest: ‘Buda Castle and Géllert Hill’

For the first day of my citytrip, I had planned to explore the Buda side of Budapest. For those who aren’t really familiar with the city, Budapest is devided into two parts “Buda” and “Pest” by the river Danube. The Buda side is the old part of the city, with the Buda Castle and Géllert… Continue reading Budapest: ‘Buda Castle and Géllert Hill’