How much money do I need for a 16-day US roadtrip?

Now that I’ve informed you all over the past few months about everything we’ve done on our US roadtrip, it’s probably also time to discuss the price tag that came along with this holiday. Same as with Cuba, I had a budget in mind before departure. This time, I was looking at around 2500 euros I... Continue Reading →


Big, bigger, biggest, Las Vegas

After an already tiring day with some last viewpoints in Zion National Park and hikes in Valley of Fire, we arrived in the city of Las Vegas around 3pm. A bit earlier than originally planned. And thank god for the extra time because driving on the motorway along the city already made our eyes bulge.... Continue Reading →

Surviving the sweltering heat of Death Valley

Over 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit; in Death Valley that’s the rule rather than the exception. The highest temperature ever on earth was even recorded right in that very place: a sweltering 56,6° Celsius or 134° Fahrenheit. So to say it’s hot there would be an understatement. Since this is pretty much a well-known fact, we... Continue Reading →

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