NY: Westvillage – MOMA – Central Park

When we woke up on the last day of our fabulous New York trip, the sun was once again out and it looked like it hadn’t snowed all the much overnight. There was a little layer covering some sidewalks – lots were already cleared -, but other than that, we didn’t have any disadvantages of the evening/... Continue Reading →


NY: American Museum of Natural History – Jackson Heights

The day we arrived in New York, our taxi driver mentioned that Saturday and Sunday there was going to be another huge snow storm, so we had planned to do most of the inside stuff those days. But fortunately, the sun still hadn’t left us. As you probably read in my last post, Saturday was... Continue Reading →

First impressions of The Big Apple

And I’m back with part two of my adventures in New York. This time, I’ll talk about my first impressions of this big city and my first evening in the Big Apple. Considering it was the first time I went to America, I was very excited about visiting this metropolis. When we arrived on Wednesday evening, it was really cloudy because of... Continue Reading →

Practical New York

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve started my year the best way possible; with a spontaneous trip to ‘The big Apple’ aka New York. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Considering that my post about my one day-trip to Amsterdam was already quite lengthy, I’ve decided to split my overview... Continue Reading →

New York Bound!

To say I’ve started my year with a bang, would be the understatement of the century. We were only four days into the New Year, and I had already booked a trip to the USA, and more specifically; The Big Apple. That’s a pretty big bang in my opinion. Only a few hours after seeing an... Continue Reading →

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