Up close and personal with the Owachomo bridge

As I mentioned before, our roadtrip through South-West America consisted of many “Musts” and a few “To do if we have some time left”. Natural Bridges National Monument was one that fit the last category.

But as with all sights in that area, it was still worth it to take a quick stop and explore this park.


There are three natural bridges at Natural Bridges National Monument; ‘Kachina’, ‘Owachomo’ and ‘Sipapu’. They were named after the native Americans that once made that area their home.

Each of those bridges can be seen from the viewpoints along the scenic loop drive through the park. The sights are pretty nice, but nothing more than that. It didn’t really leave me a lasting impression.


When we arrived at the last bridge, the Owachomo bridge, a sign informed us that it was a short walk to the foot of the bridge. Since we still had some time left we decided to get better acquinted with this natural bridge. And that certainly made the visit to this park a whole lot more interesting. It’s much more spectacular to actually be at the foot and walk underneath the bridge.


So if you’re visiting this park, do take time to walk to the bridges. The viewpoints are easily forgotten but those closer views are pretty amazing.

Natural Bridges National Monument can be found 45 minutes away from Blanding, Utah. Entrance price is 10$ per vehicle and the park is open 24 hours a day, year-round.


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