Enter a magic forest with bluebells at Hallerbos

Every year when Spring is in town, the beautiful bluebells make their appearance at the Hallerbos in Halle, Belgium. And just like that, an entire forest is turned into a magic purple blue kingdom. As far and wide as you can see, the flower is brightening the already lush green forest. It's a feast to... Continue Reading →


Hiking trip in the Ardennes

What better way to spend your weekend than to spend it with some friends in a rental house in the Ardennes? So that's exactly what I did last weekend. The Ardennes is a region in Belgium that's known for hiking and other outdoors activities, such as kayaking, rock climbing and speleology. It has lush forests... Continue Reading →

20th Flower Carpet of Brussels

The past year Brussels - my lovely capital - received a lot of negative attention due to terrorism. This results in about 50% less tourists staying and visiting this beautiful city. It pains my heart to see how this wonderful place gets neglected now while there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Yesterday, I... Continue Reading →

Entering the Belgian warzone

I live only about 5km away from the place where big parts of the battle of World War I took place, so of course on my tour of Belgium we took some time to visit a few landmarks and museums that feature this horrible time in history. One of the most prominent museums about this war is... Continue Reading →

Going back to the Middle Ages in Bruges

One of course can’t visit Belgium without stopping in the beautiful city of Bruges. It’s also my favorite city in Belgium as it’s just so gorgeous. Bruges is situated in West-Flanders, which is -shockingly- in the west of Belgium. The entire historic city center is on the UNESCO world heritage list because of its medieval architecture. Because... Continue Reading →

Easy hiking in Heuvelland, Belgium

Why always go far when there is plenty of beauty closeby? That’s why whenever the weather is nice, I’d like to discover more of my own region. A couple of weeks ago, we had such a beautiful Sunday, so my parents and I headed for Heuvelland (meaning Hill Country in Dutch), a municipality in West-Flanders, Belgium. This region... Continue Reading →

A family day out in Pairi Daiza

Yesterday, my family and I hopped in the car and headed for Brugelette (Belgium) to the park/zoo that has been crowned as best in Belgium in 2014; Pairi Daiza.    As I had such an amazing day, I really wanted to share my experiences and pictures (unfortuntaly phone quality) with you all in case anyone’s looking... Continue Reading →

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