Why the camel ride through the Sahara desert is worth the aching bum

As we were planning our Moroccan roadtrip, the Sahara desert was most definitely the excursion I was looking forward to the most. Not specifically because I was looking forward to spending a couple of hours on the back of a giant dromedary – yup dromedary, not camel -, but mostly just for the incredible views... Continue Reading →


Four reasons why ‘Hoa Bien Hotel’ is thé place to stay in Ninh Binh

Over the course of three weeks backpacking through Vietnam, we have stayed in many hostels and hotels, one more comfortable than the other. But when it comes to price-quality, there is one that's head and shoulders above all the rest; Hoa Bien Hotel in Ninh Binh. This hotel offered everything I'm always looking for in a good... Continue Reading →

A hotel out of the city center? Yes!

When I start looking for a hotel to stay at during a citytrip -or basically any other trip- there is one thing that I care about most; location. Location location location. The best orientation point to visit the city is always my focal point, so usually I end up searching for a cheap solution as close to the... Continue Reading →

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